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One trend in software application development is learning and using modern scripting language

In the continuously evolving software application development world, it is very important to stay updated with the current trends, technologies and methods. Because software development could get out of hand easily, it is therefore necessary to choose carefully to succeed. In software app development there are trends that make the process of development more effective. The trends could include learning and using modern scripting language such as Groovy, ePython, Ruby and more. What is important is that having a quick and easy tool on hand. Another trend is familiarity with NoSQL solutions like MongoDB and CouchDB. All these could turn out to be real life savers when a traditional DBS reach its limits in scaling and performance. You should also learn one or more functional language because the more things you see and use, the more thorough the repertoire would be. These days, the learning functional language is of high importance.

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